The Art Institute Online Learning Experience

Embark on an extraordinary online learning journey with The Art Institute. Whether you're a working professional, career changer, stay-at-home parent, or retiree, our online art education program is designed to provide flexibility, accessibility, and an enriching educational experience.

The Art Institute prides itself on offering personalised service to meet the unique needs of our students, creating an unparalleled online learning experience that is tailored to you.

How The Art Institute Ensures an Exceptional Online Learning Experience

At The Art Institute, we are committed to providing a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses all aspects of art education. Our online course is carefully crafted and curated by leading art experts, ensuring that you receive exceptional and relevant education, along with useful insights.

We believe in the power of interactive learning. Our online art program fosters an engaging and collaborative environment, utilising virtual workshops, discussion forums, and assignments. Throughout your online learning journey, you'll actively engage with tutors and fellow learners, exchanging ideas and receiving valuable feedback. These interactive opportunities empower students to connect with fellow students and gain further insights within the arts and related industries, enhancing the overall online learning experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that embarking on an online learning experience might raise some questions - so we've answered the most common enquiries from current and past online art students to provide you with the clarity you need to make an informed decision.

Online Learning Concerns

Are online art history courses worth it?

Online art courses are definitely worth it. They offer a flexible and convenient way to develop a deep knowledge and expand the student’s horizons to enjoy art with confidence. Technological advancements have made online learning platforms increasingly user-friendly and engaging, providing a high-quality educational experience. The Art Institute ensures that our online course is designed to teach students how to think critically and become art savvy.

Can I get an art certificate online?

Yes, you can receive an online art certificate. However, it's important to note that our course does not offer a formal certificate. Formal certificates typically come with a higher cost and may involve more extensive coursework. Our course is designed to provide you with a valuable introduction to appreciate art with confidence, equipping you with essential skills and knowledge without the added expense of a certificate program. It's a cost-effective way to kickstart your art appreciation journey. Some students go on to more formal art programs.

What are the advantages of online art history courses?

Online art courses offer numerous advantages. Firstly, they provide flexibility, allowing you to study at your own pace and in your own time. This is particularly beneficial for those with busy schedules, other commitments or reduced mobility. Secondly, online courses are accessible to individuals from all over the world, eliminating geographical barriers. Lastly, online learning platforms often provide interactive resources and opportunities for networking, allowing students to connect with other students and enhance their learning experience.

Are online learning programs suitable for all age groups?

Yes, online learning programs are suitable for individuals of all ages from 16+. The Art Institute welcomes students from various backgrounds and age ranges. Our course is designed to be accessible and user-friendly, catering to the diverse needs of learners. Whether you are a recent graduate, a working professional, or a retiree looking to expand your knowledge, our online course provides a flexible and engaging learning experience for everyone.

How do I stay motivated and engaged in online learning?

Staying motivated and engaged in online learning can be achieved through various strategies. Firstly, set clear goals and objectives for your learning journey. This will help you stay focused and motivated throughout the course. Secondly, create a study schedule and allocate specific time slots for learning. Treat your online course as you would a traditional classroom-based course, dedicating regular hours to study and completing assignments. Additionally, actively participate in the course's interactive features, such as workshops and exclusive Facebook groups. Engaging with tutors and fellow learners will not only enhance your learning experience but also provide a sense of community and support.

Common Student Questions

Is learning self-paced or real-time? Will online learning fit into my busy schedule?

Our online art appreciation course is designed to be self-paced, allowing you to study at your own convenience. This flexibility is ideal for individuals with busy schedules or other commitments. You can access course materials and assignments at any time and progress through the course at your own speed. This ensures that online learning can fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, allowing you to balance work, family, and other responsibilities while pursuing your education.

How long do I have to complete the course?

The course is designed to be self-paced. Normally, you would expect to be dedicating an average of about 4-6 hours per week for 24 weeks. However, many students take up to one year to complete their studies because of family or work commitments.

Can I interact with instructors and other students in online learning?

Yes, interaction with instructors and fellow students is an integral part of our online learning experience. The Art Institute provides various avenues for interaction, including virtual workshops, and a dedicated Facebook group that you can choose to join. These interactive elements allow you to engage with instructors and fellow learners, exchange ideas, ask questions, and receive valuable feedback to enhances your overall learning experience and provides a sense of community and support.

Are online certifications recognised by employers?

Yes, online certifications are widely recognised by employers. The Art Institute's online course is designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge to enjoy art with confidence and become art savvy. Employers value the ability to apply learned principles in real-world scenarios. Completing an online course demonstrates dedication, self-motivation, and the ability to manage time effectively, which are highly desirable qualities in the workforce.

What equipment or technology do I need for online learning?

To participate in our online art course, you will need basic computer skills and access to a computer, laptop or iPad with an internet connection. The Art Institute's online platform is user-friendly and accessible, ensuring that you can easily navigate through the course materials and engage with the learning resources provided.

Do I have to have a background in the arts?

No. The course is designed to allow for students who have had little or no experience in the arts. Our course caters to beginners and individuals with diverse backgrounds, providing a solid foundation in art education.

What if I need more time?

If you need more time, you can purchase one of our affordable extensions. We currently offer 3, 6, and 12-month extensions to accommodate the varying needs of our students. Alternatively, you can purchase an Advanced Module, which will come with a 6 month extension.

Does the course offer Advanced Modules?

Yes, advanced modules are available to purchase if you want to take your learning to the next level. These modules delve deeper into specific areas of art, providing you with broader knowledge.

Can I purchase the Advanced Modules without purchasing the core modules?

No. Unfortunately, we do not offer our Advanced Modules to the public. Only students enrolled in one of our courses can purchase them.

How do I communicate with my tutor?

You can contact your tutor at any time through our secure student site, which you will gain access to once you enrol. Your tutor's role is to assess your assignments and provide you with feedback. They are also available to answer any questions you may have about the course.

Do you mail any course notes or materials out?

Our course is delivered online, and all information is provided digitally. As soon as you join, you will gain access to our online student site. You can download the course materials as you proceed through each module. As the modules are provided in PDF format, you can keep them for future reference and print if you wish.

Do I have to attend any classes?

No. The course is completed online. This means there are no classes to attend. You can study in your own time and at your own pace.

Do I need computer skills?

Only basic computer skills are required to complete the online art appreciation course. Our user-friendly platform and comprehensive course materials make it easy for individuals with varying levels of computer proficiency to navigate and engage with the content.

When can I start?

As the course is provided online, you have the flexibility to start when and where it suits you. If you enrolled today, for example, you could start straight away.

Will I be able to interact with other students?

Yes. We have a dedicated student Facebook group, which allows you to connect with other like-minded students where you can discuss the course and all things art. This platform provides an opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions, share insights, and collaborate with fellow learners.

Are there any networking opportunities?

Yes, The Art Institute offers networking opportunities for students through our dedicated student Facebook group. This platform allows you to connect with other art students and graduates of the course, share ideas, and engage in discussions related to the art industry. Additionally, we organise regular workshops where you can interact with industry experts and gain valuable insights. These networking opportunities enable you to broaden your professional network, learn from experienced individuals, and gain additional knowledge and information from addition art experts.

What are my employment opportunities?

Can I teach myself art history?

While self-study can be a valuable way to learn about art, enrolling in a structured online course offers several advantages. The Art Institute's online art appreciation course provides a comprehensive curriculum that covers various aspects of art education, ensuring that you gain a solid foundation in art history. Our course has been written by leading art experts who have been working as art educators or museum curators for many years and now sharing their wealth of knowledge with you through our course. By enrolling in an online course, you can benefit from expert guidance and interactive learning opportunities to enjoy art with confidence or use your knowledge to enhance certain career opportunities.

What are the job prospects once I have graduated from this course?

Graduates wishing to find jobs in the arts, design and culture industries should consider participating in many types of work experience (placement, project, work shadowing, etc) in order to develop networks and build contacts. Career success in all of these areas can hinge on the experiences gained before, during and after studying, so acquiring as much first-hand experience, paid or voluntary, of these environments is very important. Flexibility will offer additional opportunities.

Combining other non-creative art industry skills with the traditional creative industries may offer you further opportunities to succeed.

For some, this course will be a brilliant overview to add to previously gained qualifications and for others, it will be those first steps into the world of art to acquire the skills and knowledge to explore this exciting new world further. There are endless opportunities in this industry from traditional areas through to more specialist fields.

What Our Students Are Saying

Cerise Washington

After having taken a career break to raise my children abroad, and then relocating to London, I knew I wanted to get my professional life back on track. Currently trained as an Art Director/Designer, I knew I didn't want to continue this, I knew I had a real passion for Art, the Old Masters and Contemporary Art, and as an Oil Portrait Artist myself, I so wanted to gain further knowledge about Art History.

The modules provided in this course are extremely well written and an absolute pleasure to read, the lay-out is beautifully presented with paintings relating to the copy. This course is not simply about creativity and aesthetics; it incorporates all aspects of history, as well as anthropology, politics and also religion. This is a great beginner course as it covers all aspects from the Renaissance all the way up to the present day; each module covers a different period.

A lecturer at the Sotheby's Institute of Art in London once asked me 'What century are you most interested in?' and at that point I really didn’t know. With the help of The Art Institute now I can give a more detailed response with full confidence and passion!

Living in London is also as beneficial, as I have easy access to all the top art galleries and museums which really helped complete my assignments. I am now going to further my career onto the next step within Art History and Business and feel very excited to get my career back on track within this profession.

Cerise Washington


Cerise Washington

I have recently completed the Art Institute History of Art course. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in art and the part it plays in our culture through the centuries.

It provides a framework that helps to focus on the artists, their genre and its importance to us today with well-written modules created by authoritative figures in their field. The modules provide details of further reading and lists the galleries where particular works of art can be viewed, all of which helped me to absorb myself in the subject.

My tutor Stephen Farthing encouraged me with his helpful advice which enabled me to provide clear concise answers to the various modules. The course is very flexible and helped me to fit the study into my busy life.

Richard Draycott

Cerise Washington

The Art Institute's online art appreciation course was an incredibly enriching experience. The course material provided a vast overview of art history, tracing its evolution over the centuries. The written content was robust and detailed, carefully curated by world-renown art historians and teachers. Recommendations for additional reading were provided, and online research opportunities allowed a deep dive into the topics discussed.

Each module concludes with a written essay assignment, which was designed to help one discuss art in a clear and concise manner. These assignments helped me to understand the nuances of art and its interpretation. Additionally, I received great personalised feedback from my tutor, Stephen Farthing, which was immensely helpful in improving my understanding of the course material.

Overall, I think this course is perfect for anyone interested in art and its history and progression over the centuries. It's an excellent resource for museum enthusiasts who wish to learn even more about their favourite artworks and artists, discovering the progression and evolution of art over time. It could also be a great starting point for those considering entering the art profession.

I highly recommend The Art Institute's online art appreciation course to anyone who wants to learn more about this fascinating subject.

Marisa Anderson

Cerise Washington

I found the course full of pertinent information specific to the module being undertaken.

The reference material and online resource lists were invaluable as new sources to visit for libraries, collections, museums and galleries. A fantastic introductory course for anyone wanting to learn Art History across the centuries.

Each module is extremely well written, and the tutors are excellent to deal with in not only guiding but provisioning good feedback on assignment work. Well done!

Gearoid Lacey

Living remotely, this art course was the only one I could find that I could complete online. The help of our local library and the Internet assisted me with the additional reading required to help complete each module.

I thoroughly enjoyed the comprehensive modules, which helped me gain a better understanding of the history of art.

My tutor marked the modules quickly and gave encouraging constructive feedback. I found that having 'word limits' for the answers for each module helped me retain the information from each period of art due to the time it took when re-reading and condensing my answers. It was also enlightening to discover how history influenced so many art movements.

I would highly recommend this course.

Deborah Keats


Want to read more? Check out our testimonial page and envision the possibilities that await you in the world of art appreciation!

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