Art Appreciation Course Reviews

Colm McElroy


I would recommend this Diploma course for a number of reasons. Firstly, it covers a great deal of ground - literally covering the whole vista of European art from earliest times to the present day. It provides a wealth of carefully thought-out material, which ensures that even the uninitiated will be taken along gently but thoroughly to a point where they will be well informed and knowledgeable on all the important aspects of European art.

Secondly, and to me, even more importantly, a fantastic experience was provided due in no small measure to the excellence of the Art Institute's mentoring system. Having a personal tutor who was so positive and helpful with her suggestions made my studies not only easier, but it added to the enjoyment of my studies in a really significant way. I always knew that Libby was there for me; I knew that should I encounter any major difficulties (or minor ones), a solution was only a message away. She was positivity personified.

Here in Ireland, we have a saying that translates roughly as 'Praise the youth, and they will come through'. Well, I do not belong to the ranks of the young, but Libby's constant encouragement and praise convinced me from the outset that I would see the course through. I always knew I was never going to be on my own.

One of the most enjoyable experiences I have had in the field of studies.



I loved the course and thoroughly enjoyed every single module.

I did not mind the hands-off nature of the course, and once I got into the rhythm of dealing with the modules, I looked forward after every submission to the next one.

My tutor Stephen was always very positive and encouraging of my work which hugely improved my confidence.

I feel that I learnt a huge amount and am now keen to see some of this great art over the coming months and years.

A great course. I highly recommend it.

Niall Martin


I work as an art teacher and was looking for a comprehensive overview of art history.

The self-paced self-directed nature of the course appealed to my busy lifestyle, and though I worked up to the end of the year, the time frame is eminently achievable. The materials were superb and easy to grasp.

I was introduced to many fascinating and beautiful artworks and lesser-known but equally captivating artists, including amazing female artists whose work I sought out on the digital web.

My course tutor Stephen Farthing helped me tremendously, and his Ruskin quote that every society gets the art it deserves was a real eye opener. The course interface is very easy to use; just remember to save your work regularly.

I love Art History, its treasures, its stories, its heroes and villains and the charlatans, all of which are contained here. Forget TV, Netflix and YouTube, the carefully created modules make the perfect starting point for a journey without end because Art History is always changing.

Deirdre Campbell-Walsh


I loved the course, not only did it give me a good overview of a wide spectrum of art but it helped me to understand European History more clearly. Stephen is a great tutor, assignments are marked within hours of being submitted, his comments are pertinent and very helpful.

I have recommended the course to a friend. Following a little break I hope to continue with the advanced module and I would love you to produce a module on Irish art and its wonderful artists.


Fionn Graham


A really satisfying and enlightening course, it takes a little stamina but has been an excellent educational experience.

Thanks a million, Libby!


Pauline Kennedy


I really loved doing the Art Institute course.

At first, facing the 12 modules seemed a bit overwhelming, but once I had read the first module, I was hooked.

The 3 short question assignments at the end of each module ask you to use the information in the module in an insightful and analytic way to answer the questions.

Further reading is unnecessary, but I found the excitement of discovering the module's content led me to read further on each module.

I am so glad I completed the course. I now have a keener eye and intuition and much more appreciation for art gallery visits, tv documentaries, street art and general artistic expression.

Gearoid Lacey


I found the course full of pertinent information specific to the module being undertaken.

The reference material and online resource lists were invaluable as new sources to visit for libraries, collections, museums and galleries. A fantastic introductory course for anyone wanting to learn Art History across the centuries.

Each module is extremely well written, and the tutors are excellent to deal with in not only guiding but provisioning good feedback on assignment work. Well done!

Mary Ledwidge


Well worth doing!

I learnt so much and the fact that you complete it at your own pace really is an added bonus.

Andre Luis dos Santos Silva


I loved the course so much!! I recommend this course to anyone because it will be a good way to the first contact with the History of Art. Art History It is my passion and I observed that there was a gap for more information about Art in my curriculum. I felt that I had no contact with one of the most important and significant aspects of human production and the emotions aroused by the works of the great artists, because I didn’t understand so much about it, so I decided to apply for the Art Appreciation Course.

This course is remarkable because helped me a lot in the understanding of the artistic movements, the lives of the artists, their techniques, and the literary works. Make me much more observer and helped me to obtain a great and important understanding of the historical process. It gave me such a powerful and marvelous view of Art. Now I do see a painting in a very different way, I feel like I opened a window and I let Art comes into my life. Thanks, The Art Institute!

Lawrence Fray

Ranikhet, Uttarakhand, india

Although I've always had my favourite artists and paintings, I had been seeking a course that would give me a panoramic overview of Art History from pre-Renaissance to the twenty-first century - I had many gaps to fill! - and that would provide me with a reasonable depth of knowledge to extend my studies afterwards.

The Art Institute course has suited my needs exactly: I'm more confident, more appreciative of art and certainly more informed about it; my enjoyment of viewing art, whether in a gallery or on a virtual tour of one, has increased tremendously.

The module books are a great springboard for independent study and ideally suited for students who enjoy using the internet to amplify their learning.

As an unforeseen bonus, I've developed the skills to write about art coherently, interestingly and with a good degree of informed objectivity. My thanks go to my tutor, Professor Stephen Farthing, for his gentle yet incisive, constructive criticism throughout.

Maire Whooley

Brussels, Belgium

The Art Institute course was exactly what I was looking for! I live in Brussels, Belgium - so this online course was perfect!

I had been looking around for a suitable course, not easy to find, but this was just what I was looking for.The course gave a wonderful overview of the history of art, right up to the 21st century. The 12 modules were all a pleasure to follow, and the three questions at the end of each module, while requiring some careful thinking, and concise writing, were doable!

My tutor responded to my submitted answers almost overnight, with interesting feedback, and by the way, once the answers from one module have been submitted, you have immediate access to the next module. Access to a colour printer is a good idea, as the modules/chapters are easier to read as a hardcopy, but not absolutely necessary.

I did the course in 6 months, so that works out at 2 modules per month, which was OK!

I consider myself lucky to live in continental Europe where I have access to so many fabulous art museums, and this Art Institute course has given me the incentive to visit and revisit even more art museums wherever I roam!

I would encourage anyone to do the course, you won't regret it!

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